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What makes Bali special?

Why is it famous and every year receives thousands of tourists from all over the world?


Let's find out. Firstly, the culture of the island is very unique, many ancient temples and mysterious rituals. Secondly, it is nature. On the territory of the small island surrounding jungles and volcanoes, lakes and waterfalls. Third is a variety of beaches. Have you already been to the black sand beach? No? Then feel free to come to Bali, here the golden beaches of the South alternate with the black beaches of the North. By the way in the North in the village of Lovina you can see dolphins. And this is the fourth reason why it is worth visiting Bali - its wildlife and nature reserve, because the huge territory of the island in the West is a nature reserve Park, and on its southern part there is a Safari Park, a Park of reptile, birds and even a Park of butterflies. Lovely places to visit with all the family isn't it? The fifth reason is active leisure. What do you prefer: surfing, windsurfing, going to the mountains on a motorcycle or paragliding? This and much more is available to every guest in Bali. Great restaurants, beach clubs, infinity pools, nightlife and museums.  The list can be continued for a long time and in the near future we will write about all this in more details.

Top 4 Tours

You came for a while and cherish every day on vacation?

Then feel free to choose tours from this section. In this section we have collected the most interesting and popular attractions. Tours are only four. And this section is designed for those who want to see the most interesting places and came to Bali for a short time. Each tour covers a separate area of Bali and they do not intersect with each other. We have optimized the routes so that you enjoy your holiday and get only great emotions from our tours in Bali.

Explore Ubud

The small town of Ubud has become popular all over the world. But how is that possible?

Very simple. I think there are a number of reasons for this. The first reason is the unique creative atmosphere. Bali artisans and Western artists have left their mark on the image of this town, here you can find workshops on wood, stone, silver and gold, visit art museums or see folk artists. The second reason is the incredibly beautiful nature. Evergreen jungle, cascading rice terraces, cool waterfalls, all this attracts the eye and makes you want to take pictures at every step. Well, the third reason is the sacred temples, the doors of which are open to everyone who is interested in history and culture. There are other worthy reasons, but let them remain a secret for now and you will tell about them, after visiting the mysterious Ubud!

Explore South Bali

South Bali is the one of the most popular parts of the island. Beautiful golden-white sand beaches, amazing cliffside Uluwatu Temple, shopping, surfing, sunsets and night life, party on the cliff located bar Single fin, infinity pools, water sports, famous seafood restaurants right on the beach.  It’s a great place for everyone!

Explore Central and West Bali

Have you already visited Ubud and the South coast of Bali and want to see something new, interesting and memorable?

Then welcome to the Central region of the island of Bali where the famous lakes, Temples and attractions listed by UNESCO. The trip will take a few hours, but do not worry it will be great moments. You can enjoy the beautiful views, take a lot of photos for Instagram and touch the mythology of the island. We hope you enjoy our tour and will be happy to recommend it to your friends!

Explore Volcano and East Bali

Do you already know those famous photos where a huge volcano framed by clouds can be seen from the temple gate? Yes?

And the other famous photos where you walk on water and under your feet around you splashing a lot of bright fish? No?

So these and other great photos travelers took in East Bali. Unique temples, magnificent beaches, snorkeling, diving, mountains, Agung volcano and waterfalls. Do you need other reasons to visit this region of Bali? Write to us and we will definitely find what is interesting for you!

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